Cadre, our primary instructors, are the backbone of our battalion, and the ones responsible for training our young cadets to become effective officers.​ They teach our cadets what it means to be an officer and how to effectively lead.

Each year has primary ins​tructors who focus on teaching specific skills to our cadets to build them up into effective officers.

  • MS1 year focuses on the basics. Cadets focus on learning military customs, the proper wear of the uniform and some basic tactics.
  • MS2 year is when the cadets first start to take on some responsibility. They assist the MS3’s when needed, learn the foundations of how to give an Operations Order (OPORD) and go more in depth into the army as an organization.
  • MS3 year focuses on preparing for the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC), where cadets are evaluated on their ability to become an officer and are ranked against their peers. Their lessons focus on being able to quickly and effectively give an OPORD and lead a squad or section in a tactical situation.
  • MS4 year is when the cadets take over the battalion and become responsible for running and maintaining most events put on by the battalion. Lessons also force cadets to think about some of the real world issues and problems that they will face once they take their position as young leaders within the U.S. Army.