Cadet Chain of Command

The Gateway ROTC program is organized into a single battalion run by the senior Cadets (MSIV’s). The battalion is then subdivided into three companies which are run and administrated by the junior MSIII Cadets, to help them train as small unit leaders in preparation for the Advanced Camp. Advanced camp is where the MSIII cadets leadership abilities and military competence are evaluated against their peers to assist in the determination of their national ranking for branching.

The Cadet chain of command is the organizational body which runs cadet activities. The three core leaders of this team are the BCO Madison Schneider, the XO Adam Messer, and the CSM Sean Rogers. The S-shops have individual responsibilities which range from maintaining cadet rosters to planning every operation we do.

Cadet Battalion Commander

Cadet Sheehy serves as the head of our Cadet command structure as Cadet Lieutenant Colonel.

He attends Washington University in Saint Louis
He is commissioning in 2019

Battalion Executive Officer

Cadet Messer serves as the Battalion Executive Officer.

He attends Washington University in Saint Louis
He is commissioning in 2020

Battalion Command Sergeant Major

Cadet Small-Brown serves as the Battalion’s Command Sergeant Major.​

She attends Saint Louis University
She will commission in 2019

Battalion S1
Administrative Operations

Cadet McCallister is serving as our Battalion S1, in charge of administrative operations and organization.

He attends the University of Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL)
He will commission in 2019

Battalion S2

Cadet Griffith is serving as our Battalion S2, in charge of organizing recruiting events.

He attends Maryville University
He will commission in 2019

Battalion S3

Cadet Bolder is the Battalion S3, he is in charge of making sure all of our events are properly planned and executed.

He attends Washington University in Saint Louis
He will commission in 2019

Battalion S4
Supply and Logistics

Cadet works as the Battalion S4, ensuring that the Cadet Battalion is properly supplied.


Battalion S5
Alumni Relations

Cadet Sims is the Cadet S5, in charge of maintaining alumni relations and working on intra-battalion cohesion.

She attends Washington University in Saint Louis
She will commission in 2019

Battalion S6
Public Affairs

Cadet Stevens is our Cadet S6, in charge of maintaining public relations for the Battalion.

She attends Lindenwood University
She will commission in 2019​